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About the Workshop

We are currently experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which are having an impact on the wellbeing of employees in many significant ways. There is even the possibility that implications may be felt for many months and even years. 


A result of the virus is that there is an environment with a high degree of uncertainty occurring in organisations, which is affecting the wellbeing of employees. The aim of this Workshop is to identify and make sense of the effects of this uncertainty; and then, consider planning in organisations as to what to do about it, with a view to the wellbeing of all concerned.


Learning will be provided from inputs by staff, personal learning, and learning from other members, in a highly participative process.


Clearly, employers, leaders, managers, and employees of all manners of organisations will want to attend and gain the benefits of this Workshop. Others such as coaches and organisational consultants will also find this a valuable insight to the considerations and problems currently facing organisations.


Restrictions have had huge impacts on economies, people’s livelihoods, and increasing stress on employees, as social interactions and normal working practices have been changed. We are now beginning to see the adoption of new working practices, but that brings with it a whole raft of new problems. 


Even though some organisations have already resumed working in the workplace, there is still a lot of uncertainty which may still be daunting for many employees. The workplace will have changed dramatically compared with what it was like before COVID-19. Employees will still be experiencing stress and other psychological challenges.


In addition to the negative effects arising from COVID-19, all organisations have learned a great deal from the experiences of adapting to new ways of working. We will, therefore, conclude with an ending session on organisational learning.


Outline Programme



About Group Relations China


The overall purpose of Group Relations China is to develop and provide high quality Group Relations learning, by Chinese consultants, for Chinese managers and leaders in all fields.


Group Relations Learning


The purpose of the Group Relations Conferences is not to contribute to theory but to provide members with opportunities to learn about their own involvement in group dynamics. The following are some of the important learning outcomes: conscious and unconscious group processes; the effects of emotions in groups; formal and informal leadership; giving and taking authority, responsibility and accountability; reflective leadership and followership; understanding of conflict and avoidance of conflict; task boundaries and psychological boundaries; inter-group and intra-group dynamics; assumptions about the other; and organisations as systems.


Parallel Learning Programme


Group Relations China consultants also provide a range of services to support organisational clients. These include organisational consultancy, seminars, lectures, workshops, group and team workshops; and psychodynamic and executive coaching to support individuals. Services for every client are tailor-made.  All consultants are committed to helping clients become more effective in diagnosing their own problems and finding solutions through the transfer of skills and insights.


Workshop Facilitators

Prof. Lionel STAPLEY PhD

Lionel Stapley is the director of IGO Consultancy Services Ltd. He is an internationally recognised author, organisational consultant and psychodynamic and executive coach working with individuals, groups and organisations in both public and private sectors across the UK, Europe and South America. He is also a commercially focused consultant, engaging with major public and private sector organisations at a senior level to help deliver their strategic objectives. He has a proven record of growing brand recognition and of successfully managing and developing the reputation of client organisations. He is a Chartered Fellow of both the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and the CIM (Chartered Institute of Management), a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations (ISPSO)and a Fellow of OPUS (an Organisation for Promoting Understanding of Society). Lionel has been the Policy and Development Adviser to Group Relations China since its formation in 2017.



Yujia is a Co-Founder of Group Relations China, an organization providing Group Relations learning opportunities in China by Chinese consultants. Over the past four years, she has taken up staff roles in many Group Relations Conferences in the UK, Poland, mainland China and Hong Kong. She is a part-time leadership consultant at the Executive MBA programs of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and the Moscow Business School of Skolkovo, applying group dynamics learnings in developing team and personal leadership. She also works as a psychodynamic coach, informed by psychoanalysis and neuroscience. Yujia is trained as a Co-active Coach, Organization & Relationship System Coach (ORSC), and is a certified Transactional Analysis Application Consultant, accredited by the Chinese TA Association. Yujia works with Lionel on organisational consultancy projects and workshops that provide skills and insights for leaders and managers.


Event Information


Zoom webinar for small group of no more than 30 people. A zoom link will be sent to you before the session starts.

For further information please write to: info@grouprelationschina.com