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-  ‘Learning About Small Group Processes’ Workshop (1 day)

To date, ten workshops in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong; attended by about a hundred people.

Upcoming event: Feb 29, 2020, Beijing


-  ‘Advanced Training in Small Group Processes’ Workshop (3 days)

To date, one Advanced Training in Shanghai.

Upcoming event, Apr 24-26, 2020, Beijing.


-  Book Seminars

“Managing Emotions in Decision-Making” based on ‘Individuals, Groups and Organisations Beneath the Surface’, author Dr. Lionel Stapley.   

The purpose of these Seminars is to provide opportunities for members to explore and gain an understanding of the way that emotions affect our decision - making; The way that emotions that are occurring ‘beneath the surface’ can lead to seemingly irrational activity; and, the way that this can have an effect on relationships and organizational dynamics. This event is highly valuable to managers and leaders in all fields.


-  Lectures

These events are intended for managers and leaders in all fields. They are related to psychodynamic aspects of managing and leading in organisations.

Prof. Lionel Stapley: ’Developing Trust: Obstacles and Understanding’ (Jul 2019, Beijing)

Upcoming Lecture:

Prof. Lionel Stapley:  ‘Creativity: The Psychological, Social and Political Risks’ (Apr 2020, Beijing) 

Prof. Lionel Stapley:  ‘Managing and Implementing Major Change’ (Jun 2020, Beijing)


-   Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

To meet our growing needs, we will continually seek to develop new staff. Anyone interested in any or all development activities of Group Relations China is encouraged to contact us for a discussion of our mutual interests.

If we are to develop a high-quality Group Relations Learning Programme, it will be appreciated that continuous staff development is important.

In Conference Development:

Group Relations events are learning events for all staff as well as members. All consultants work with more senior consultants in one-on-one CPD meetings, where they can further their understanding of the Group Relations learning and consultant role.

Annual CPD workshop: 

The purpose of this event is to ensure that Group Relations China is continuing to achieve its aim of providing high quality Group Relations learning for Chinese people. This event is open to all Group Relations China consultants. The annual CPD workshops are facilitated by Lionel Stapley and Yujia Zhang, who identify and provide opportunities for understanding various vital aspects of taking up the consultant role.